So beautiful is Chiusa in the Isarco Valley

The artists' town of South Tyrol

The small town of Chiusa in the Isarco Valley, which lies at the foot of the Sabiona mountain, has collected many nicknames over the years: former bishop's residence, town of Albrecht Dürer, town of artists and the most beautiful town centre of Italy. Nowadays, travellers from all over the world stroll through its old alleys, walk by its picturesque oriels and popular restaurants and breathe history - literally - at every step …


Highlights in Chiusa: The Top 5


Chiusa, the town of Albrecht Dürer

It is the year 1494 b.C., when the young Albrecht Dürer falls in love with the town of Chiusa: in 1501 he depicts the town and the Sabiona mountain in his copperplate engraving "Nemesis" (The Great Luck). So this is the reason for the name "artits' town" - because even a long time after Dürer, Chiusa has remained the most important contact point for artists from all over the world.

Monastery of Sabiona

The Monastery of Sabiona: History, Archeology & Art

In case you are wondering, on your arrival to Chiusa, which castle is dominating the city form the prominent rocky outcrop up there: It is the Montastery of Sabiona, one of the oldest pilgrimage sites in Tyrol which has a lot to offer from an archaeological point of view. Although the monastery cannot be visited, you can still visit the four churches that surround it.
Tip: Discover the worthwhile tour, the "Sabiona Walk".


Where does the Törggelen come from?
From the Isarco Valley!

The popular Törggelen has its origin in the Isarco Valley and it is said that the Törggelen season, which begins in mid-September, is actually the fifth season in Chiusa. In autumn, we invite you to our Rier cellar once a week, but also Chiusa itself is completely transformed into an open traditional Törggele parlor over three weekends: let's celebrate the street törggelen! Various stands offer typical dishes, barley soup, ravioli, polenta dumplings, homemade sausage and smoked loin with cabbage, krapfen and, of course, the key players of the event: the chestnuts and the Suser, the new wine.

town museum of Chiusa

A very special treasure

It is thanks to Father Gabriel Pontifeser and the Queen of Spain, Maria Anna, that the Capuchin monastery in Chiusa was built and furnished with precious gifts: pieces of art from Italy and Spain, unique relics and much more are kept in the "Loreto treasure" in the town museum of Chiusa.

Pater mountain

The second most beautiful view of the city

Of course from the Sabiona mountain you have an almost magical panoramic view of Chiusa and its surroundings, but also the ascent to the Pater mountain (Monte dei Cappuccini) is worth it …

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