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Holidays in the Valle IsarcoHolidays in the Valle Isarco

Active in the Valle Isarco

Chiusa, Bressanone, Vipiteno, Bolzano

The Valle Isarco has since the middle Ages been the most important link between Central and Southern Europe. Even the German Emperors moved through the valley to be crowned by the Pope in Rome. Today, the historical town centres of Chiusa, Bressanone, Vipiteno and Bolzano give evidence of a lively travelling and trade history. Strolling through the arcades, alleys and squares you will discover many highlights of South Tyrolean art history.

Latzfonser Kreuz

Alpe di Villandro

The sunny, vast mountain pastures above Chiusa and the hotel Der Rierhof are a hiking paradise in summer and an ideal location for tobogganing and cross-country skiing in winter.

Monastery Sabiona

Monasteries & Castles

From your accommodation at the hotel Der Rierhof it is only a short although quite steep walk to the monastery Sabiona, which towers high above Chiusa and is situated on a rocky outcrop. In the early middle Ages it served as a bishop's see, today it is a popular pilgrimage site in the Valle Isarco. A few kilometres south of Chiusa and the family & seminar hotel Der Rierhof you'll find one of the most beautiful castles of South Tyrol, the magnificent Trostburg. From Ponte Gardena you can walk on foot along the old barrow way up to visit the toll castle.

Alpe di Siusi

Alpe di Siusi

The largest alpine meadow in Europe is within easy reach from your hotel. The Alpe di Siusi is one of the most beautiful skiing & cross-country areas in the Italian Alps in winter, and a true hiking paradise in summer: a 160 km² playground surrounded by the spectacular peaks of the Dolomites. In the mountain huts called "Schwaigen", you can taste many delicious South Tyrolean specialties.


Since 2009 the "pale mountains" are part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage - a mountain range consisting entirely of fossilized coral reefs, which makes you again and again come across fossils that bear witness of this primeval past. Alpine pioneer history was written on the most famous peaks of the Italian Alps like the Saslong, Catinaccio or the Tre Cime.

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At the Der Rierhof hotel, we have combined functionality with comfort: we built a soundproof wall and created a green oasis. The idyllic garden area invites you to stay and relax.


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